January 22, 2021


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Eerdmans, Nanninga, Pouw and Vlaardingerbroek are leaving FVD

Eerdmans, Nanninga, Pouw and Vlaardingerbroek are leaving FVD

Photo: ANP

Joost Eerdmans, Annabel Nanninga, Nicki Pouw-Verweij and Eva Vlaardingerbroek leave the Forum for Democracy. You communicate this in a joint statement. Eerdmans, Pouw and Vlaardingerbroek were on the list of candidates for next year’s general election. Nanninga is in the Senate for FVD.

“The main reason for our joint decision is that we don’t want to be a member of a party that tolerates extremist views,” wrote the foursome. “We are very disappointed with the behavior of our party leader who did not want to clean up the house.” Thierry Baudet “repeatedly took an unpredictable and completely solo position”.

The prominent FVDs state that their internal criticism “in the interests of the good name of the party” was unsuccessful. They say they understand the difficult election the party executive is facing but regret “that they threw in the towel”.

Three of the five directors turned against Baudet this week after he himself resigned the party leadership due to the excitement over the youth organization of the FVD. When Baudet of his own accord announced a top candidate election and still ran for himself, they even threatened to expel him.

However, on Thursday they announced that they would first like to introduce the fate of Baudet to members. You can then immediately elect a new board that you no longer want to sit on yourself. This new board must then draw up a new list of candidates for the elections.

Eerdmans, Pouw and Vlaardingerbroek have therefore forego a place on this list. Pouw will remain a Senator and MP, as will Nanninga, who will also remain on the Amsterdam Municipal Council.