May 17, 2021


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Earning with your pension? Then you have to be almost a hundred money

“With the average lifelong annuity of some products, you have to live a very long time before you can withdraw the purchase price for the benefit product,” says MoneyView researcher Marcel Beijer. “Last year you had to be 97 years old, this year even 98. In other words: From the age of 98 you will earn a certain return on your purchase price.” It is therefore important to choose well.

Keep investing after you retire

With the low interest rate, which means that your pension pot no longer automatically generates additional money, there are also more and more opportunities to continue investing in your pension pot after your retirement date. You can choose to invest part or all of the pension fund.

If you are going to keep your money invested, you have to deal with everything you have to do with a “normal” investor account: you may have more returns, but you also run the risk of your pension pool diminishing. It is known that there is too little in current studies, explains a MoneyView researcher.

“With an investor horizon of around twenty years, you still have a relatively long period of time to invest your money,” says financial planner Dick Kruijt. He has his own consulting company and is secretary of the professional association of independent financial planners VOFP. “You can still get 3-4% in return, on average.” If you can afford the risk of fluctuating benefits, it’s a good idea to keep investing after you retire, says Kruijt.

At this point, around the age of seven, you are unlikely to have any income other than your AOW and there is little opportunity to return to work. Financial planner Hanneke Wolff-Rierink from Fiorino Financial Planning: “If you as a person prefer security, you shouldn’t do this. But if you think I’ve had enough and I want a chance for additional returns, then it’s your choice. “