October 26, 2020


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€20 million injection for vertical agriculture | Business

€20 million injection for vertical agriculture | Business

The technology allows the cultivation of large-scale fresh vegetables in urban environments without the use of chemical pesticides. According to PlantLab, enough can be produced in a room with only two football fields to supply a city of 100,000 inhabitants with 200 grams of vegetables per day.

PlantLab has a commercial production site in Amsterdam. The investment money will open further indoor production sites in the Netherlands, the Usa and the Bahamas. The company now employs more than 60 people.

Less water

PlantLab’s production facilities can be located anywhere in the world, even on barren soils or in the middle of urban areas. Thanks to temperature, humidity and light regulation, the plants grow fully out of the full, while 95% less water is needed. Light comes from specially developed LEDs that give the specific color of the light that the plant needs for photosynthesis. “Our technology makes it possible to produce anywhere in the world close to the consumer,” says Michiel Peters, CEO of PlantLab. “This eliminates the need to transport food over long distances, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions, lower costs and less food waste.”

The investment company De Hoge Dennen previously invested in the online supermarket Picnic, the salad manufacturer De Menken Keuken and the electric bicycle brand QWIC. Chief Financial Officer Jelle Roodbeen: “We believe PlantLab’s technology will make a difference globally.”