October 27, 2020


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“Dutchman wants to continue working from home after Corona crisis”

"Dutchman wants to continue working from home after Corona crisis"

Photo: ANP

The Dutch expect to continue working from home after the coronary crisis. They also view it more positively than at the beginning of the crisis, reports the Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy (KiM) based on research.

At the start of the crisis, a quarter of homeworkers (25 percent) said they would continue to do so. That percentage has risen to 45 percent in the last two months.

The Institute believes that remote-controlled meetings are also a keeper. Just over half (55 percent) of respondents find online meetings as productive as physical counseling. At the end of March, it was 43 percent. Even after the coronary crisis, 60% expected a distance from afar, and shortly after the eruption it was 35%.

Working from home also has negative aspects. According to KiM, one in three homeworkers (36 percent) have difficulty finding a good work record, and 17 percent have physical ailments. Almost one in ten respondents suffer from mental health problems when working from home.

More than a quarter of Dutch people (28 percent) who used public transport before the Corona crisis believe they will be less used after the Corona crisis. Nearly one in ten (8 per cent) think Corona is more likely to use public transport.

Many public transport passengers who have travelled to another mode of transport are satisfied with this. Of the people who now use the bicycle more often than on public transport, half (52 percent) expect it to do so even more after the Corona crisis, according to the Knowledge Institute.

The reasons why people are advocating less travel by public transport vary. For example, 48 percent mention the government’s call to take buses, trams, trains or subways only for necessary journeys, and 32 percent say they travel less on public transport for fear of coronavirus infection. Travellers will also find public transport less pleasant because of the obligation to wear a mask since 1 June.