October 30, 2020


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Dutch telecom operators T-Mobile and KPN change…

Dutch telecom operators T-Mobile and KPN change...

Recently, 5G masts were set on fire in the Netherlands.


Dutch telecom operators KPN and T-Mobile will switch on their renewed mobile network with 5G technology on Tuesday. Dutch people who are customers of the companies and have a suitable device can use the new superfast mobile Internet.

It’s probably just a limited group of people. Many smartphones cannot handle the new standard. For example, Apple does not yet have a single device that can use the technology, a KPN spokesman says.

The coverage is not yet in the whole country. Kpn’s main concern is the majority of Randstad and Eindhoven. The rest of the Netherlands will follow later. T-Mobile says it starts with a larger area. However, according to a spokeswoman, it may take a few days for all customers who have a corresponding subscription to be switched to 5G.

Chinese espionage?

The new steps are made possible by the first auction of 5G frequencies, the result of which was announced last week. The three major telecommunications providers KPN, VodafoneZiggo and T-Mobile have gained frequencies. They were also the only parties to be admitted to the auction.

The auction was a politically sensitive issue, as it is feared that the 5G network equipment could be used by other countries to spy on. This includes huawei devices from China. The Dutch Cabinet has therefore placed additional requirements on telecommunications providers.

VodafoneZiggo launched its 5G network earlier this year. Previously, the company used so-called 4G frequency bands to apply 5G technology. This was possible because only a relatively small number of users had access to 5G. In the Netherlands, there has been an experiment with 5G for some time. High-speed mobile Internet should also serve as a driver for new technologies such as autonomous driving with vehicles and artificial intelligence. It is also less prone to interference.