December 3, 2020


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Dutch houses receive a foundation label

Dutch houses receive a foundation label

All houses in the Netherlands are given a label indicating the condition of the foundation. The new label, like the energy label, must be included in the evaluation reports of the houses from July 2021. The Knowledge Center Approach Foundation Problems (KCAF) has announced this.

The KCAF, which is responsible for the National Funderingsloket, into which residential property owners can go, states that the situation of 250,000 Dutch houses is “urgent”. The weak foundations have been caused by drought and low water levels in recent years.

Many houses that were built before 1970 have wooden foundations. Of the 7.7 million Dutch households, one million are struggling with starting up problems. Recovery is often an expensive proposition and is usually not covered by insurance.

Groundwater level

The KCAF has developed a model to determine the condition of the foundations in neighborhoods. It examines the water table, the soil (peat, clay or sand) and whether it is wooden or concrete foundations.

On the TV show The display Tonight a website will be launched where everyone can see which label their house is getting.