October 28, 2020


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Dutch cyber watchdog investigates hack on Twitter

Dutch cyber watchdog investigates hack on Twitter

Photo: ANP

The Dutch government’s cyber watchdogs are investigating “the situation around Twitter.” The accounts of many famous people seem to have been hacked. In the Netherlands, the account was taken over by PVV CEO Geert Wilders. “As usual, we cannot make announcements about individual incidents, such as personal accounts,” the Department of Justice and Security’s National Center for Cybersecurity said.

It is not yet known who the hackers are. They are said to have gained access to the company’s internal systems through a Twitter employee. This allowed them to disable the security of the accounts. News has been posted on the accounts of rapper Kanye West, US presidential candidate Joe Biden and businessmen such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg and Elon Musk. In it, people got the call to transfer bitcoins to a virtual account to get more bitcoins back. The perpetrators are said to have received more than 100,000 US dollars.

It is not yet known whether the hackers also entered the accounts of others where they have not yet posted messages.

A Dutchman may have been involved in the hack. He would be the one who kidnapped Wilders’ account. The person tells the NIS and RTL that it was done for a joke.

Fox IT director Frank Groenewegen questions that. “Maybe it’s a smokescreen. Intelligence agencies have much left over for such access to Twitter. A few opportunistic hackers will pull it off, they’re in the private messages of people like Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos, and then they’re going to tweet about bitcoins? It seems a little silly. It could be an action by some hackers, but it could also be an intelligence operation,” Groenewegen said. He insists he has no hard evidence that the attack is even more. He is curious about Twitter’s explanation of the attackers’ methods.

According to Groenewegen, the hack also shows that users ultimately depend on the security of the provider and the people who work there. “You can still have your security in order, via Twitter it could all be turned off. Twitter itself was the weakest link here.”