October 29, 2020


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DSW boss: Corona doesn’t just take care of premium payers

DSW boss: Corona doesn't just take care of premium payers

Photo: ANP

The CEO of the health insurer DSW, Aad de Groot, expects a sharp increase in healthcare costs in the Netherlands for the next year. The bill for this should not only be passed on to the policyholders, he says in De kup.

“If healthcare costs are actually much higher in the coming year, we don’t believe that the bill should just end up on the plate of the premium payers,” says De Groot. “The government would have to solve this in another way, for example through taxes.”

The newspaper announced on Tuesday that DSW would increase the health insurance premium for 2021 by 6.50 euros per month to 124.50 euros. That is a higher increase than the cabinet announced on budget day. “Expectations are always more optimistic before the election than in the years after the election,” says De Groot.

Overall healthcare costs will not be higher this year, according to the DSW CEO, as the cost of the corona has largely been offset by lower costs of reducing regular health care. “As a result, the financial consequences were minimal. We don’t yet know how this effect will continue into the last few months of the year and we don’t even know what will happen in 2021, ”says De Groot.