January 16, 2021


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Dozens of people on a trip for a dead Wijchenaar

Dozens of people on a trip for a dead Wijchenaar

Photo: ANP

Dozens of people took to the streets at 7 p.m. on Saturday evening to remember 42-year-old Wijchenaar, who was killed in his residential area on Tuesday evening. They followed two people who carried a large banner with a ladybug, the symbol against senseless violence. Participants wore face masks, kept a distance of 5 feet as best as possible, and wore blue balloons and lights.

Many hundreds of people were on the course, many of them lit candles. They watched in silence as the journey for Sebastiaan Thloosen went by. The walk can be followed live on the Omroep Gelderland website. Mayor Marijke van Beek and the Wijchen Aldermen also took part. The tour took us through the residential area De Ververt, where the victim lived, and past the point of collision where many flowers and candles have since been left behind.

When they got to the place where Thelessen died, many people set up flowers and candles. As a final homage, Roman candles were lit. A T-shirt and a flag of the NEC football club hung under a canopy over the grounds. There was also a sign with the meaningless text, a reference to his nickname Loos. After about half an hour the tour was over.

Friends of the deceased started a fundraiser for relatives on Saturday. Within five hours they had already collected more than 22,000 euros via gofundme.com.

“This terrible news touches us deeply. Loos was only 42 and we already miss his energy and his heart of gold, ”they write on the crowdfunding platform. “Our hearts go out to his wife Liv, his son Lyam and his daughter Loïs. We wish we could take some of their grief away. In addition to love and strength, we wish them peace and, above all, as few worries as possible. The loss is big enough already. “They hope to raise € 30,000.

The Wijchenaar is said to have turned to an 18-year-old parcel deliverer from Woerden about his driving style in a residential area. The delivery man ran to the man and started. The Wijchenaar died from his injuries on the street. The driver from Woerden was later caught by the police in Beuningen. Woerdenaar was taken into custody by the examining magistrate for a fortnight on Friday.