January 16, 2021


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Don’t you use PayPal? That is then 12 euros

Don't you use PayPal? That is then 12 euros

The online payment platform PayPal will soon charge consumers who have not used their services for a year 12 euros. “As a user, however, you have to read the fine print of the terms of use, which were renewed at the end of September,” warns the consumer organization Test-Achats.

The payment platform charges 12 euros – or the balance in your account, whichever is lower – if you have “not logged into your account for at least 12 consecutive months” or “have not used PayPal to collect money during this period . or to transfer “.

This emerges from the new terms of use, which the payment platform published at the end of September and which will come into force on January 4th. “Only this change went unnoticed by most of the users,” says Jens Van Herp, spokesman for Test-Achats.

Hardly 4 lines on page 59 (of 85)

And maybe that’s not the user’s fault. Because you have to show a lot of persistence to find the passage in question – barely 4 lines long -: on page 59 of everything together 85-page document.

“As a customer, you are of course expected to read the terms and conditions. PayPal also explicitly requests this. Unfortunately we all know how to do that … “, says Test-Achats.

In addition, the user doesn’t even have to actually approve them: “You don’t have to take any further action as these changes are implemented automatically,” reports PayPal.

If you have an inactive account, you should close it ASAP if you want to avoid these costs, recommends Test-Achats. Incidentally, PayPal suggests this itself if you do not agree to the changes to the terms of use.

PayPal claims to have more than 277 million users worldwide. It is not known how many of them have to cough up the “fine” of 12 euros – “It will soon be a month on Netflix,” says Jens Van Herp. The payment company was not immediately available for comment.