October 20, 2020


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Divorce more common outside of court money

Divorce more common outside of court money

According to investigations by the Kantar office, the judge still decides in only 6% of divorces. Nine years ago that was 31%.

The investigation was commissioned by the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS). Almost a third of those surveyed say they arranged the divorce without the help of other parties. A lawyer and / or mediator was involved in six out of ten cases.

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According to Saskia Braun from the vFAS, parents have become aware of the psychological damage children suffer from divorce, which leads to fewer lawsuits. “It has received a lot of media attention, thanks in part to reports from the Ombudsman for Children,” says Braun. “People are now more aware that they are separating as partners, but not as parents. You want to invest more in the relationship after a divorce. “

Another finding of the report is that children are more likely to choose shared parenting (34%). In 2011 this was 25%. However, there are fewer proponents of the shared parenting phenomenon among women than among men: 40% versus 60%.

The main concern in divorce is housing (40%), even more than the psychological harm to the children (35%).


The question is whether the corona crisis will lead to more divorces. According to a survey by vFas in June, there was a decline among 300 members in the first few months. “We don’t know exactly how it is now,” says Braun. “I find that it is improving, but it is difficult to tell if this is because the vacation is over. September always has a climax. “