November 25, 2020


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Department store chains urge customers to come back alone …

Department store chains urge customers to come back alone ...

Delhaize, Carrefour and Albert Heijn also ask their customers to shop on their own as much as possible. “It’s not about an obligation, but a warm call,” says the department store chain. The Colruyt Group previously made the same call.

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It was the Colruyt Group that launched the call on Wednesday to buy as much as possible on your own again. This particularly applies to customers in the Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet, Spar Colruyt Group and Cru branches. In this way, they want to limit the spread of the corona virus as much as possible and also avoid pressure on the staff.

“With this warm attraction to our customers, we are going one step further than the current measures,” says Marc Hofman, COO Retail. “For us, this decision corresponds to the rules that already apply in our branches and that everyone – customers and employees – must monitor more closely. This is how we want to work with our customers to prevent the virus from spreading. In addition, we want to reduce the pressure on our employees. “

It is mandatory to take a car

The Colruyt Group again emphasizes that customers are obliged to take a shopping cart into the stores. “In this way, a distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained naturally. The use of trolleys is permitted in smaller shops. By the way, the number of carts and trolleys is still limited so that the principle of one customer per ten square meters can be adhered to, ”it sounds like.

The group asks its customers for understanding and is counting on their cooperation in the implementation of the new, stricter measures. “We will make our customers aware of this through various communication channels such as in-store posters and social media,” concludes Marc Hofman. “All of our measures ultimately aim to put the health of our customers and employees first.”

Not just in the morning or in the evening

Delhaize and Carrefour supermarkets join Colruyt’s appeal on Wednesday to go shopping alone. Delhaize is also asking customers to distribute their food as widely as possible. “Whenever possible, not everyone comes shopping in the morning or in the evening, but rather chooses times when it is a little quieter, for example,” says spokesman Roel Dekelver. “This way we can avoid the crowds and reduce the pressure on the staff.”

At Albert Heijn the call to shop alone was always in effect. “We have long established rules for safe shopping, which are published on our website and published in our stores,” says spokeswoman Ann Maes. “We expressly ask you to shop alone and always take a shopping cart with you.”