January 18, 2021


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Delivery problems, stolen savings and neighbors’ fortunes Financial

Delivery problems, stolen savings and neighbors' fortunes Financial

The father of the child whose mother had opened the savings account wondered if the bank shouldn’t have informed him. Since the mother and the father were the legal guardians of the child, it turned out that this was not the case.

Oh dear, we have to stay home as much as possible and Albert Heijn cannot handle the huge influx of online grocery shoppers. The supermarket chain is working on solutions.

Look at the neighbors: it remains interesting. The Dutch statistics calculated how much wealth the inhabitants of a municipality have on average. This amount is increasing because houses are becoming more and more valuable.

Will there finally be light at the end of the tunnel? Various experts expect that we will have at least three corona vaccines available within six months.

Phone spoofing is a form of scam in which criminals can call someone else’s phone number, such as a bank. ING customers in particular have been the victims of this lately cash register.

Mortgage rates keep falling. If this continues we will hit a new low in a few weeks. The previous one is from March before the corona crisis hit in full.

During the initial lockdown, there were fewer sick leave reports for work from home, but there are more now, notes health and safety provider Arbo Unie. The institution attributes this mainly to the darkness and stress that the second wave of the virus brings with it.

A very clever thief managed not only to steal a woman’s wallet and phone but also stole her daughter’s PIN code by pretending to be a mom on WhatsApp. The bank is relentless: if you give your PIN to third parties, you will not receive any compensation in the event of fraud.

On Wednesday it was time for the last round: the catering has to close. Entrepreneurs are now at a loss as they cannot earn anything for weeks.

Working from home is here, everyone agrees. Why would you still want to live in a small and expensive apartment in the big city? More and more buyers are immersing themselves in the province, where property prices are rising rapidly.