October 20, 2020


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Deferred payment for Taxi2Airport | Business

Deferred payment for Taxi2Airport | Business

Last year, director Gertjan van der Schaft saw the future rosy. The company had just raised one million euros from the investment fund VOC Capital Partners from the investor Pieter Schoen. And he did not rule out being reinstated by a travel giant that wants to offer its customers a house-to-house experience.

Van der Schaft has not yet responded to the suspension. The administrator is now taking stock. It is possible that more will be known about a possible reboot next week.


In addition to VOC Capital, VentureBuilders, based in Amsterdam, has also invested in taxi service. €1 million in 2016 and another similar amount last year. In four years, it became the top five player in the global airport transfer market. In high season, they have completed up to 4,000 trips per day. Taxi2Airport, located on the Weteringschans, employs 25 people.

For VOC Capital, it is not the first start-up to have money, which was granted a pardon during the Corona crisis. Last month, Minibrew, the Senseo for home brewers, suffered the same fate.

VOC Capital and VentureBuilders have not yet commented on Taxi2Airport’s financial problems.