October 27, 2020


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Dampers against planned ban on flavourings in e-cigarettes

Dampers against planned ban on flavourings in e-cigarettes

Photo: ANP

Dampers and steam shops oppose the government’s plan to ban flavors in so-called e-cigarettes. The consumer organisation Acvoda and the trade association Esigbond have launched a signature campaign and want to offer a petition to State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (Public Health). Some 14,000 distressed dampers have now signed the petition.

The organizations believe that it is precisely these flavours that inspire many dampers to leave the cigarette behind. The organizations fear that a ban will be counterproductive and that far fewer smokers will switch to e-cigarettes. There is also the possibility that many steamers may resort to their cigarettes or even add liquids with aromas that are not suitable for steam. “This poses serious health risks,” the organizations said.

You have the feeling that politics is completely ignoring the 400,000 dampers in the Netherlands. “The secretary of state claims that young people start smoking e-cigarettes because of the attractive taste, but we don’t see this effect, quite the contrary,” says Eveline Hondius of Acvoda. A ban on flavourings is “a major disaster for the large group of smokers with a stop and vapours who have quit smoking thanks to the e-cigarette.”

The owners of steam shops are also affected. “Many entrepreneurs fear for their survival if the aroma ban becomes a reality and this can lead to hundreds of redundancies,” says chairman Emil ‘t Hart van Esigbond.