October 24, 2020


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D66 wants a mandatory corona test for travelers to Bonaire

D66 wants a mandatory corona test for travelers to Bonaire

Photo: ANP

Travelers to Bonaire should be encouraged to submit a negative corona test prior to departure. D66 party chairman Rob Jetten and MP Jan Paternotte will present this proposal on Wednesday during the Corona debate in the House of Representatives.

The ruling party D66 wants to better protect the Caribbean island from the corona virus with a mandatory test. In countries like Aruba and Curacao, visitors may need to be tested before leaving. As a special parish, Bonaire is not allowed to do this.

Bonaire cannot afford a breakout, according to D66. The island has no intensive care at all. For example, seriously ill people should be brought to Aruba, Curaçao and Colombia, but these countries rarely accept outside patients.

Furthermore, an outbreak would mean economic disaster. Bonaire is heavily dependent on tourism and should be closed again immediately. D66 draws attention to the situation in Aruba, for which an orange travel notice has been in place since last weekend, as the virus is spreading rapidly.

D66 also recommends that the Cabinet consider naval ship Zr. Woman. Karel Doorman back to the Caribbean. The party believes that the rapid increase in the number of infections on St. Maarten and Aruba is cause for this.

The Karel porter had also been in the area for some time since the end of April. The marines supported Sint Maarten, among other things, with the transport of the sick and with the maintenance of public order. The ship returned to the Netherlands at the end of June.