October 30, 2020


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D66 leader Kaag: Victim of sovereignty for EU integration

D66 leader Kaag: Victim of sovereignty for EU integration

Photo: ANP

The Netherlands will have to sacrifice a piece of national sovereignty in order to cooperate more closely in the European area, said the brand new D66 leader Sigrid Kaag at a meeting of D66 politicians. In return, the Netherlands will receive European sovereignty “which paves the way to prosperity and wellbeing for all”

Kaag devoted an important part of her speech to the importance of European integration and an “international perspective”.

“Let the Netherlands take the lead,” said Kaag about further cooperation in the European Union. “It is time for a real European democracy. Time for real European defense. Does that mean a sacrifice to national sovereignty? Yes, we have to honestly say that. According to Kaag, this is offset by a “greater sovereignty”, namely European. “We are Dutch. And so are we Europeans. The yellow stars are just as much a part of our national tricolor as the orange pennant.”

The former diplomat was elected as the new party leader and party leader by an overwhelming majority on Friday. She thanked the members for the “overwhelming support” on Saturday at a meeting of the D66 directors and sorted out the upcoming elections. According to her, it’s about “how we make people feel that their fate is in really safe hands with us”.

In her speech, Kaag also denounced the “electoral politics” that she had experienced at the Binnenhof in recent years. In opinion polls, politicians too often use the word “support” as a “magical shield that automatically fends off all difficult decisions”.

“If the polls show that some people are concerned about the cost of climate policy, you are concerned about science. If the polls show that some people are concerned about the European economy, then you make the Italians suspicious, ”says Kaag in a blow against right-wing parties inside and outside the ruling coalition.

In their opinion, this form of politics turns the House of Representatives into a “theater of disrespectful rhetoric” and thus crumbles confidence in politics. According to Kaag, D66 must “convince the voters on its own in the run-up to the elections, even before the polls show sufficient support”.