October 26, 2020


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Customer protection in large online stores out of order money

Customer protection in large online stores out of order money

The Consumers’ Association randomly sampled 30 popular web stores. In five cases, customers with leaked or guessed passwords were not well protected from fraud. Customers with a simple password are therefore particularly at risk.

Most of the businesses surveyed will implement the association’s suggestions to better protect their customers.

Weak password

You are at risk when criminals can guess your password. You then place an order from your account, change the delivery address to your own address and choose the option of subsequent payment. As a victim, you won’t receive an order, but you will receive the invoice.

Most webshops prevent this by blocking the option to pay later if a different delivery address is chosen. Or they offer a payment method that requires an additional password.

Bol.com, Bonprix, Plein, Wehkamp and Zalando lacked this security for the time being. These stores will work on it.


At Bonprix en Plein, fraudsters can also adjust customer data such as the email address. This prevents the actual customer from seeing the confirmation of the order.

It wasn’t that easy for Bol, Wehkamp and Zalando. Therefore, customers who keep a close eye on their mail can prevent them from becoming victims.

The consumer association also finds the process too cumbersome for customers who are victims of fraud. The corresponding web shops will also work on this.