October 31, 2020


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Curfew lifted after riots in Kenosha | Abroad

Curfew lifted after riots in Kenosha | Abroad

US President Donald Trump visited Kenosha on Tuesday. He inspected some burned buildings and praised the efforts of the police and National Guard units in helping to restore order. The chaos caused by the shooting of the black Jacob Blake by a white cop. The victim received several bullets in the back and will likely never be able to walk again. Initially, peaceful demonstrations by supporters of the Black Lives Matter had spiraled out of control, including clashes with armed supporters Trump. Two people were shot dead by a 17-year-old Trump supporter.

The President didn’t say a word to Blake. Its Democratic challenger Joe Biden hosted the city of Wisconsin Thursday and has since recorded a meeting with Blake’s family. It is judged in the opinion of the experts that it is obvious that he defied the “Law and Order” story. Trump will, among other things, pursue his approach to the corona crisis to expose racism and police violence against black Americans.