December 4, 2020


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“Create a shopping program for the catering trade”

"Create a shopping program for the catering trade"

Photo: ANP

Catering companies call the additional 40 million euros announced by the cabinet for the sector as a “tip”. The amount is nowhere near enough, they say. The cabinet should also focus on adapting and redeveloping the sector with a purchasing program, says Amsterdam-based catering entrepreneur Won Yip.

40 million euros will be made available to food and beverage retailers, among other things to compensate for the inventory and costs that arise when an opportunity is made “corona safe”. “It’s a tip,” says Yip. “You can feel on your clogs that $ 2,500 is welcome for a neighborhood cafe, but it’s nothing at all for a large company.” Yip said he saw 30,000 euros “evaporate” in his company at the end of September after the measures already announced.

The money comes on top of the existing systems that catering companies can use. “If the cabinet has to do anything, NOW 3 should do it even better”. So far, none of the systems provide for the costs the company will incur, Yip said.

Yip asks the closet to adjust. “I’m really in favor of devising a buyback program, just like I am for farmers. Take a look at which companies can and cannot be saved. Don’t pump infinite amounts of money into companies. You have to give people an escape. Now you’re pushing people into the NOW. You will be home with debt for almost a year. “

The Rotterdam catering entrepreneur Herman Hell calls the announced additional support “worrying”. “I didn’t expect the closet to drop us like that. We are making a great sacrifice to help public health and the healthcare system. I understand we should do that. But I don’t understand why the government doesn’t say: we will compensate the gastronomy. Apparently we have to pay the bill because the government hasn’t acted fast enough. “

With the now announced 2500 euros per company, hell can “hardly afford anything”. “The biggest pain is not adjusting the NOW schema. The bill is getting heavier, but the help is decreasing. That is very illogical. “