October 27, 2020


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Crashed naval helicopter sunk near Aruba | Domestic

Crashed naval helicopter sunk near Aruba | Domestic

The NH90 was upside down in the water and was kept afloat by four large plastic balloons that open automatically when the device hits water. After two of the four swimmers were caught, the helicopter sank, according to the Defense Ministry.

Everything was done to save the plane, but that was difficult because of the strong winds and rough seas. It was important to keep the plane in order to investigate the cause of the crash.

The head of the Ministry of Defence’s opera, Rear Admiral Baldwin Boots, said on Monday that if the helicopter sunk, the plane would be considered lost. The sea is 2 to 3 kilometers deep in the area.

Black box

The cause of the crash is still unclear. The flight recorder of the aircraft was recovered. According to Boots, it appears to be in “good condition.” The two crew members who survived the crash also spoke about the crash.

The helicopter crashed after conducting a coastguard patrol. When the plane was almost back on the naval ship Zr.Ms Groningen – on which it was stationed – it crashed into the sea. The accident was visible from the ship.