January 16, 2021


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“Corona’s approach has suffered from market forces in healthcare.”

"Corona's approach has suffered from market forces in healthcare."

Photo: ANP

The fact that medical care has struggled to keep up with the corona outbreak has a lot to do with healthcare market forces. This is what Ernst Kuipers from the National Network Acute Care said on the television program Op1.

“The healthcare system in the Netherlands is almost always number one internationally, but always in the top three. Then it’s about accessibility and equal treatment. That’s a great thing. It is a publicly paid system. With us, it doesn’t matter whether you have a job or your own income: if you need expensive treatment, you will get it. We have excellently trained people, qualified doctors, and beautiful institutions. At the same time, there are some things that we can improve. This has to do with the great fragmentation of the system. That almost separated us. Because there is too little cohesion. We like market forces in healthcare, and that requires a lot of fragmented, individual parties. That doesn’t work for the right approach. “

Kuipers advocates creating more cohesion again: “We really have to make sure that we build much stronger networks, this year we just forced ourselves to do so.”

At the start of the corona crisis in the spring, it turned out that the IC departments did not have enough beds to care for all severe corona patients, and that much artificial and aerial labor was required to add IC beds and staff. Some of the IC patients even had to be brought to Germany.