November 25, 2020


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Corona violations have affected thousands of employers

Corona violations have affected thousands of employers

At least 84 companies were closed by order because they did not comply with the corona rules. This happened in the period from March 18th to the end of August. During this period, 3,223 employers were in corona-insecure situations, for example a lack of social distancing at work. Almost all of them get away with a warning. Very few cases are referred to the court. De Tijd reported it on Wednesday based on figures that PVDA MP Nadia Moscufo had requested from the government.

The Federal Employment Office carried out 4,700 on-site inspections of employers. In the first period in March and April there were more than 1,000, in the second period in May and June more than 2,700 and in the summer holidays more than 900.

1,630 remote controls were also carried out, during which a checklist was worked through over the phone. However, the majority of these remotes (1,501) happened in March and April when a lockdown occurred.

However, there are notable regional differences. Only 198 employers were caught in the Brussels region, but only 66 remote and 266 on-the-spot checks were carried out. In the province of Antwerp, no fewer than 671 employers were caught after 112 remote controls and 763 on-site. In East Flanders there were 328 remote controls and 1,198 on-site, with 1,064 workshops out of order. In the province of Liège there were only 125 remote controls by the end of August and 208 were carried out on site. Only 122 employers were caught there.