January 21, 2021


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Corona Crisis Think Tank warns: Prevent a lost generation

Corona Crisis Think Tank warns: Prevent a lost generation

Employers and government need to prevent vulnerable groups from falling behind in the labor market due to the corona crisis. The think tank Corona crisis warns of this, in which employees and employers, among others, are thinking about how they can limit the negative consequences of the crisis. It is an initiative of the Social and Economic Council (SER).

According to the think tank, there is a risk that the government is mainly helping people who are currently at risk of losing their jobs or becoming unemployed, but meanwhile forgets about people farther from the labor market. This includes people with a professional disability, vulnerable self-employed persons, status holders and long-term unemployed. “This is actually a warning to society as a whole to pay special attention to these groups,” says SER chairwoman Mari√ętte Hamer.

Worries about young people

There are also concerns about the position of young people. The Central Planning Bureau predicts that 9 to 20 percent of them will be unemployed next year. “We are afraid that this generation will be a lost generation, and we really shouldn’t want that,” says Hamer. “So make sure they’re at the top of the list to get to work.”

The think tank has different ideas to get young people to work faster. For example, the government could introduce a labor cost benefit for employers who hire young people. Young people could also be encouraged to study longer or return to study benches.

“Take a look at what you have already learned and what professions there are permanently on the job market,” advises Hamer young people. “Make sure you stay tuned. We’re going to need a ton of people in tech and nursing soon, so take a good look at these professions.”

Create a dashboard

The think tank also recommends creating a dashboard for groups at risk to find out how certain groups are doing in the labor market and whether the support packages are working well for them. This makes it easier to determine who needs what help.

Solutions the think tank is thinking of include, for example, adapting the home office of a person with a professional disability or permanent Dutch lessons for status holders. The think tank warns that the goal of greater diversity in organizations should not be overlooked by the crisis.