January 16, 2021


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“Corona App a good measure for now”

"Corona App a good measure for now"

Photo: ANP

The new CoronaMelder app, which was officially launched in Nijmegen on Saturday, is currently a good measure. As long as the testing capacity of the GGDs is insufficient, it is important that people without complaints receive a warning that they have been in the vicinity of someone with a corona infection. Then they can be particularly careful with other people in the time before they develop symptoms themselves, says clinical epidemiologist Carl Moons from the University of Utrecht. He is chairman of the monitoring committee that advised the Ministry of Health on the implementation of the CoronaMelder.

The app has been available as a test version in some security regions since August. According to the ministry, the CoronaMelder had been downloaded 1.5 million times by Saturday. The Corona app has been available nationwide since Saturday. Health Minister Hugo de Jonge emphasized that everyone should use the app: “Fighting the virus is too important not to do it. You not only protect yourself, but also others. “That is also the message of the campaign that started on Saturday.

The app issues a notification when someone has been around an infected person for some time, who then has to enter it in their own app. All data are anonymous. It is recommended to stay home as much as possible after a report and avoid socializing. Anyone who gets complaints can get tested. Since the GGDs are overloaded, testing without complaints is currently not possible. An infected person can also warn their contacts themselves using a special code in the app. “It works faster and is therefore better than calling anyone,” says De Jonge.

Moons believes the GGD’s testing capacity will be back to normal in five weeks. “The app is supportive and doesn’t replace testing,” he says. De Jonge also hopes that tests will soon be possible again without complaints. “Above all, everyone has to follow the rules very well. We cannot let the GGDs wipe if we let the tap on ourselves, ”said the Minister of Health.