October 28, 2020


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Corona and health insurance: What’s changing?

Corona and health insurance: What's changing?

Corona can also have serious long-term health effects, so much is now clear. Pulmonologists have recently found that unregistered patients have difficulty recovering. According to the latest news, the heart muscle can also be damaged by the virus. The health insurance funds are therefore inundated with questions about costs and cover.

Corona Care

A recovering Corona patient may need a lot of care. Fortunately, much of it is already reimbursed from the basic package. The family doctors, the district nursing and the psychiatry are all covered. Paramedical care, on the other hand , had some limitations until recently – physiotherapy, exercise therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and dietetics.

Broader reimbursement of paramedical care

However, this paramedical care seems to be important for Corona’s recovery, as the Dutch Institute of Health recently noted. It therefore recommended that a temporary, broader fee be paid for paramedical recovery care. This Council is taken over by the Minister: Since 18 July, the recovery care of Corona patients with severe ailments has been included in the basic package.

Basic coverage and premium

That’s a nice idea, of course. However, it is not yet known how much premium we will receive for our Health insurance in 2021 and which insurer provides the best coverage outside the basic package in this respect. Until 12 November, it will be possible to Health insurance. For those who think it’s important to keep an eye on it: it’s possible to sign up for a reminder on the comparison pages.

Unclear costs

According to recent research by Q&A, 80% of Dutch people expect the premium to be significantly higher next year. That makes sense, because that is indeed quite obvious. However, it is not yet so clear, because other factors also play a role: non-corona-related care, for example, is much less granted. This, of course, also has consequences for the financial picture.

Increase expected

The Dutch institute of health is therefore reluctant to make predictions. However, it has already calculated that the extension of the basic package in the first year Costs around 27.7 million euros. It also expects the cost of the basic package to increase by 4% and to add 4.5% for long-term care. Expect, because there is a good chance that further changes in coverage and costs will change in the coming period.

Sick abroad

Although the Health Insurance Act agrees that we are covered by the basic package for care worldwide, Dutch tariffs are applied – and they are often much lower. In other words, if you get sick now in the U.S., you’ll only get paid 28 euros for an hour of physio, while the American therapist really expects you to type 150 dollars. Travel insurers do not necessarily pay this difference if you look up the risk yourself. In addition, the government does not want to send holidaymakers back.
Good insurance or not: It is therefore advisable to stay close for the time being, because no one seems to want to cover these costs.