October 31, 2020


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Corendon rents the hotel floor as office space

Corendon rents the hotel floor as office space

Corendon previously converted the Corendon Village Hotel in Schiphol into an all-inclusive resort, and now the Corendon City Hotel is also used in an alternative way.

According to De Boer, the corona crisis is causing conferences and business nights to disappear, which means a new market needs to be opened up. The offer of Corendon workAs the label is called, consists of large and small offices for two to twelve people. The rooms are fully furnished and things like WiFi and cleaning are included in the price. “In addition, tenants can use the fitness and eat something in the restaurant at a reduced price.”

The offices on the eighth floor were previously used by Corendon itself. The hotel branch of the travel company was located there, today the Corendon Village Hotel is located near Schiphol.

Corendon is aimed at home workers who want to use a real office for a day, a week, a month or longer, and at companies that need temporary space for a meeting. The largest room that can be rented is the so-called 737 cockpit meeting room. It contains a real cockpit of a Boeing 737.