October 26, 2020


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“Control of mandatory quarantine by Boas is not a good plan”

"Control of mandatory quarantine by Boas is not a good plan"

Photo: ANP

It would not be a good plan for the Special Investigators (BOAs) to take control of a mandatory quarantine as they already have enough duties. This is what the chairman Richard Gerrits of the BOA ACP Union says. “It’s not a good idea if it’s only on the boas’ plate,” says Gerrits. “You’re taxed enough already.”

The chairman felt that checking people’s homes was more a job for the police. “They are used to coming to people’s homes, boas are more for public spaces.” If the tasks are carried out in coordination with the police, it looks different, according to Gerrits. “But nothing else was communicated to the Boas, so we are very curious to see what the exact interpretation will be.”

Ruud Kuin, chairman of the Dutch BOA Association, thinks it is a logical step to make quarantine mandatory. If boas are put in charge of control, they’re open to it, but for them it’s “another job,” says Kuin. “They are already particularly busy during this time because they are understaffed and have additional tasks like checking mouth masks in shopping streets.”

Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) announced on Tuesday that someone who, according to GGD investigations, appears to have come into contact with a person infected with Corona, can be quarantined. Control of this becomes a task for the security regions, and it is likely that the boas will play a role in this. The prosecutors will find out what kind of criminal offenders are at risk in the near future. The stricter rules should come into force in the middle of next week.