November 24, 2020


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Consumer Association: The price on supermarket shelves is often wrong money

Consumer Association: The price on supermarket shelves is often wrong money

Albert Heijn and Jumbo made the most mistakes: 22 percent of the items in these two chains were offered at wrong prices. Aldi proved to be the most accurate with 5 percent wrong prices. At Lidl the price was wrong for 7 percent of the products, at Coop 8 percent. Spar follows with 11 percent and in the Plus shops visited the price at the checkout for 15 percent of the items did not match the price on the shelf.

In a jumbo shop, according to Consumentenbond, no less than 40 percent of the shopping cart was offered at wrong prices. Wrong prices have not always turned out to be detrimental to consumers. “For 51 products, the price at the checkout was lower than advertised in the store,” said the union. The purchase price of 36 products was actually higher. The price difference was larger on average in the latter category.

The consumer association notes that problems often arise, especially with offers. “More than half of the products with a different price were promotional items.”

The price at the checkout is usually the right one. According to the researchers, price deviations mainly occur because the supermarket did not replace the tickets after a price change. There is a technical solution for this: electronic price tags that are automatically adjusted when the price is adjusted in the computer system.

The prices of products change very regularly, admits the consumer association. However, according to the organization, customers should be confident that the price tags are correct. According to the association, it is advisable for anyone who is disadvantaged at the cash register to take a photo of the shelf and request a refund of the overpaid amount at the service counter.