February 24, 2021


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“Concert and festival goers have a lot left for the event”

"Concert and festival goers have a lot left for the event"

Photo: ANP

Young Dutch concert and festival goers miss attending events. This group does a lot to be able to attend concerts. For example, the majority of people between the ages of 16 and 35 are willing to have a rapid test or provide a vaccination record to make this possible.

This has emerged from research by 3Vraag, part of the EenVandaag Opinion Panel, in collaboration with NPO 3FM. Around 2,000 concert and festival visitors were surveyed.

In order to be able to visit a concert or festival during the Corona period, the majority of those surveyed are willing to make an effort. A large majority are happy to share contact details with organizers in advance, have their body temperature measured at the entrance, undergo a rapid test, do a corona test in advance or show a vaccination certificate.

Concert goers are not satisfied with a ban on singing along. Seven out of ten respondents state that they do not want to cooperate.

Opinions on rules that might apply during a concert or festival vary. At concerts, respondents are more willing to compromise on experience than at festivals. For example, 69 percent of the time wearing a mouth mask when walking around is okay at a concert, compared to just under half at a festival. Keep your distance and secure seating or standing are also rules that don’t bother visitors to events as much as they do during a concert.