May 17, 2021


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“Compensation for victims of WhatsApp fraud and spoofing” | money

The minister promised to look into whether the law could be changed in parliament to compensate victims of these relatively new forms of fraud.

Compensation scheme

In the meantime, however, he wants to step up the fight against fraud in cooperation with the banks. He would also like to make the remuneration system towards the financial sector “clearer and milder”. Now it is the case that one bank compensates the damage and the other does not.

Hoekstra was called to parliament by VVD after a broadcast of the consumer program Avrotros radar about WhatsApp scams and “spoofing”. People then receive a message or call from scammers, but clever tricks create the impression that their bank is trying to get in touch with them.

For example, it seems like the scammer is calling with the bank number. For example, they will be asked to transfer their funds to another account to secure the funds. For example, people sometimes send money to scammers’ accounts themselves.

False shame

According to radar Fraudsters have already defrauded consumers for 20 million euros. Many parties want action to be taken. According to VVD, it is also important that the cabinet announces that it is okay if you fall for such a WhatsApp message or call. This “false shame” prevents many people from reporting the crime, says MP Roald van der Linde.

Hoekstra will speak to the banks with Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus about compensation and the fight against fraud. At the urging of the SP, the minister says he also wants to examine a change in the law.


SP MP Michiel van Nispen wants banks to compensate the victims “and that the government, the investigation, the judiciary and the police do more to get the money from the criminals.”

Hoekstra is unwilling to do this, but such a process can take a long time, warns the minister. In the meantime, he wants to see what he can already agree with the banks.