January 16, 2021


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Colruyt expands meal delivery project to all nine … (Brussels)

Colruyt expands meal delivery project to all nine ... (Brussels)

Brussels –

Rose Mary, the Colruyt Group’s food delivery project, is expanding just a few weeks after launch. Home delivery of fresh meals began in early September in nine Brussels municipalities. From today, Wednesday 30 September, it will be extended to all nineteen municipalities in Brussels.

The Rose Mary concept took shape during the Corona crisis. Since the Colruyt workshops could not take place at this time, one of the kitchens – in Uccle – was opened for real cooks. They prepare “fresh, high quality, tasty and slightly more special meals” that only need to be heated at home, as an alternative for those who do not have time to cook.

A chef prepares seven different fresh dishes every day. The menu not only changes every two weeks, but a guest chef also comes behind the stove. This week, the cook Ann Steyaert can put her cooking skills to the test with a pumpkin lasagna with ricotta and Italian ham or a poké bowl with marinated salmon.

When it launched in early September, Rose Mary initially only delivered meals to nine Brussels municipalities, but the project is now rolling out across the Brussels region. Meals are delivered by bike and the Colruyt Group ensures that those who order in the morning receive their meal at home or in the office in the evening.