October 26, 2020


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Coalition reaches agreement on budget and domestic emergency package

Coalition reaches agreement on budget and domestic emergency package

Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Hoekstra (Finance) reported this on Thursday evening after almost twelve hours of negotiations with the coalition party leaders. “The coalition talks are so far that we no longer have to meet,” said Prime Minister Rutte after this consultation. “The cabinet will of course continue to exist. In principle, we can end everything on Thursday. “

Rutte and Hoekstra do not want to say anything about the content of the budget and support package. According to Rutte, everything is aimed at “getting this country out of the crisis as much as possible”.

Bargaining employers and unions

Ministers Koolmees (social affairs) and Wiebes (economy) negotiated the support package with employers and unions on Wednesday. The cabinet is aiming to cut the emergency package, with fewer entrepreneurs being entitled to wage compensation. The package should then run until July next year.

For the budget, the coalition parties are mainly examining the planned reduction in corporate income tax. By scrapping these, the Cabinet is hoping to free up some money within the budget. The question is what companies get for it. The coalition also hopes to do something for health workers who have had to work hard due to the corona crisis, for example.