January 21, 2021


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Chamber: Bank must compensate fraud victims money

Chamber: Bank must compensate fraud victims money

With spoofing, the fraudster takes on a different identity, which causes the bank customer to make a transfer. For example, a person’s login information can be obtained using a phishing email. There may also be a scammer pretending to be a bank teller over the phone.

The application from SP member Van Nispen was submitted jointly by MPs from VVD, D66, GL, CDA and PvdA. The petitioners describe bank fraud as a “major social problem”. MEPs are impressed by the fact that banks “are dealing differently with the way victims are compensated or not, and that there are currently banks that leave victims completely out of the cold”.

According to MPs, banks should not just pass on their responsibilities and due diligence. If they cannot reach an agreement with the government, MPs want to hear from the government how the compensation can still be legally enforced.


“Banks don’t have a common approach, as compensation is often about leniency. It all depends on what type of fraud it is, ”said spokeswoman Jelle Wijkstra from the Dutch Bankers Association. “If malware is installed on the computer or phishing occurs, banks usually already compensate for it, unless the customer himself acted negligently.”

At the moment, the victims at the Kifid Institute for Financial Complaints usually still receive zero points. There the guideline applies that the bank is generally not responsible for transfers between customers and fraudsters.