October 28, 2020


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“CEO Bpost has to clarify this week”

"CEO Bpost has to clarify this week"

Bpost CEO Jean-Paul Van Avermaet needs to sort out his situation and see if he can travel to North America this week in front of the public company’s board of directors. Telecommunications Minister Philippe De Backer (Open Vld) stated this on Tuesday in the responsible parliamentary committee.

Post manager Van Avermaet is mentioned when researching cartels in the security sector, in which he previously worked. The Belgian Competition Authority (BMA) and the US Department of Justice are investigating whether large security companies G4S, Securitas and Seris are in competition with one another or are responsible for overseeing institutions such as the US embassy in Brussels and Shape, the central NATO command center in Mons are. secret price agreements made.


At the time, Van Avermaet was a cluster manager at 4GS. The American investigation could have serious consequences for Van Avermaet and his company. He may not be able to travel to the US as he is in danger of being arrested for questioning by the FBI.

Minister De Backer reiterated his principles regarding autonomous public companies in the chamber on Tuesday. It is up to the Board of Directors to assume its responsibility. He was not informed of investigations in Belgium and the United States against Van Avermaet, which are presumed innocent, De Backer noted.

The CEO must create “transparency” for the board of directors. For example, he was asked to confirm in writing that he could travel to all branches of the group, including the American Radial. It goes without saying that the CEO of a company in this Envergure can travel anywhere to maintain contacts and do business, “including North America”.