December 3, 2020


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Cees Klinkenberg (Uniglobe) advocates a business travel bubble

Cees Klinkenberg (Uniglobe) advocates a business travel bubble

Like other industry representatives, Klinkenberg recorded a sharp decline in sales. “We’re about seventy percent behind last year.” Strict travel restrictions in Europe and beyond make it difficult for companies to take a business trip. According to Klinkenberg, this is catastrophic, as personal contact is often of great importance in the business world.

“In order to get the economy going, business trips are offered in addition to video meetings. These business trips are essential and inevitable. In addition, companies often travel very efficiently. You don’t send more people on a journey than necessary and no longer. Our SMB customers say they will travel again if it is safe and responsible.

Exceptional position
Klinkenberg therefore advocates air corridors between countries and cities. “Regardless of the color code, business travelers should be exempt from negative travel advice for trips abroad.”

To achieve this, rapid corona tests are required, which business travelers can carry out at the airport, possibly on presentation of the necessary documents proving the necessity of travel, such as an invitation from a party to visit or a letter from the embassy.
“My argument is not a quick fix. I just want to give the political decision-makers a more differentiated picture of the business traveler and prevent all air travel from being dismissed as morally reprehensible fun flights, ”says Klinkenberg.

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