October 23, 2020


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CBS now also has a corona dashboard: How are we today?

CBS now also has a corona dashboard: How are we today?

Since March we have been seeing all kinds of graphs about the coronavirus day in and day out: how many positive tests there were, how many hospital admissions, and so on. In June the national government came up with the Corona dashboard to put all these graphs together.

Today Statistics Netherlands has its own, different dashboard: het Prosperity of the dashboard in Corona time. You should be able to see at a glance how the Netherlands is doing in this corona time.

Statistics Netherlands wants to use all kinds of weekly, monthly and quarterly numbers to show the impact of the crisis on society and ourselves. For example, that we felt a little healthier in the second quarter of this year than in previous years. And that in April and May only half as many marriages and partnerships were concluded as a year earlier. There were also far fewer break-ins in these months than a year earlier.

Undisturbed housing market

In addition, Statistics Netherlands notes that the real estate market is still undisturbed. “Prices continue to rise and the number of transactions remains at a similar level.” At the same time, consumer and producer confidence have suffered historic blows. The Statistics Netherlands dashboard will be expanded in the coming months.