January 18, 2021


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Cabinet is considering a damn benefits report

Cabinet is considering a damn benefits report

Photo: ANP

Part of the cabinet will retreat to the Catshuis on Tuesday afternoon to talk about a damn report on the childcare allowance affair. A special parliamentary committee decided very harshly on the role that various ministers played in this case.

The committee is extremely critical of the way the government treats parents who are wrongly charged with fraud in childcare allowances. “Great injustice” has been done to these people and this could have been prevented if the relevant ministers had better dealt with the signs of wrongdoing that actually existed.

The report cannot be without consequences, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has already admitted. On the Friday after the Council of Ministers, however, he did not want to foresee possible political consequences such as the resignation of the responsible ministers or even the entire cabinet. First of all, according to the Prime Minister, “justice must be done to the parents,” most of whom are still awaiting compensation.