January 23, 2021


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Cabinet announces expansion of economic support package

Cabinet announces expansion of economic support package

Photo: ANP

The cabinet will announce an expansion of the economic support package on Wednesday. The ministers responsible for this will also announce that the proposed austerity measures will no longer take place from January 1st. Since the corona rules have not yet been relaxed, the cabinet for affected entrepreneurs is probably deep in their pockets again.

Cabinet is expected to come up with a detailed version of the coalition plan to help the hardest hit companies. This mainly affects bars, restaurants, cafes, cultural organizations and companies that are active in the event sector. Entrepreneurs who lose 70 percent of their sales can get a large part (85 percent) of their fixed costs (such as rent and energy bills) reimbursed, suggest the parties.

It remains to be seen whether the plan will be presented exactly that way. There may be some shifts in the percentages. Above all, however, the cabinet wants to do something for those sectors that are almost completely closed and will remain so for the time being. Even during the press conference on Tuesday, the cabinet was not able to set a date on which these branches could possibly be reopened.