October 31, 2020


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Branch of the Dutch FNG restarted under new ownership …

Branch of the Dutch FNG restarted under new ownership ...

The Dutch branch of the bankrupt Belgian fashion group FNG is restarting under a new owner. These are the retail chains Miss Etam, Claudia Sträter, Expresso, Steps and Promiss. The new holding company belongs to the FLV group of “company doctor” Martijn Rozenboom. This was heard from management.

The name of the Dutch investor was also circulating in our country as a candidate buyer. Ultimately, however, the corporate court declared bankruptcy. The Dutch part of FNG was declared bankrupt last month. This part employs between 1,300 and 1,500 people. It is not yet clear whether they can all continue to work for the company. Decisions about the organization and the business portfolio will be made in the coming week.

“When it became clear that the Dutch FNG brands were swept away by the Belgian mother’s bankruptcy, I knew immediately that I didn’t want to let that happen,” said Rozenboom. “This company deserves a new opportunity. I am convinced that the group has a bright future, ”he wrote in a press release.

In the meantime, parts of FNG in Belgium have also been given new owners. The Dutch shoe retail chain vanHaren Schoenen, part of the German Deichmann group, will take over 43 Flemish Brantano branches in Belgium from October 1st. The 43 branches will be closed on October 1st and, as it turned out on Friday, will be converted into vanHaren branches. Reopenings are planned from February 1st. The family company Claes Retail Group, known for JBC and Mayerline, takes over the fashion brand CKS and the children’s brands Fred & Ginger and Baker Bridge from the bankrupt FNG.