November 1, 2020


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Bpost confirms departure number two “for family reasons …

Bpost confirms departure number two “for family reasons ...

On Wednesday, Bpost confirmed the departure of Henri de Romrée, the top man in the American division and likely number two. According to Swiss Post, he is leaving the group at the end of this year “for family reasons”. The newspaper De Standaard had previously reported on de Romrée’s departure, which, according to the newspaper, was due to disagreements about working with CEO Jean-Paul Van Avermaet.

Henri de Romrée was CFO from 2018 to 2019 and headed the Mail & Retail activities in Belgium before moving to the North American operations in 2020. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the bpost group and CEO of Radial, the US subsidiary.

“He will return to Belgium permanently for family reasons,” the Post said in a press release on Wednesday.

Radial was bpost’s concern a few years ago, but has seen profitable growth since then. “The direction has been set and Radial’s future success is assured in the competent hands of Radial’s Executive Leadership Team,” said de Romrée. It is not yet known who will succeed him.

According to De Standaard, the man who was the candidate for the position of CEO at bpost “had increasing problems with the way in which Van Avermaet runs the public company”. The latter is suspected of the cartel and prohibited market agreements with his former employer in the security sector. He risks prosecution.

De Romrée announced his departure ten days ago, writes De Standaard, but bpost had not yet informed about it.