January 19, 2021


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“Bol.com must act faster against counterfeit items”

"Bol.com must act faster against counterfeit items"

Big brands like Nike and Tommy Hilfiger believe bol.com should remove illegal counterfeit products from its website faster than before. According to a report in the Dutch webshop, it can take two weeks before counterfeit items are no longer visible, while this happens faster with competitors such as Amazon and Marktplaats.

“Bol.com’s process for removing counterfeit products from its website could be stricter,” said Ronald Brohm, director of React, an international organization that represents more than three hundred major brands. “This is harmful because customers have often already bought the counterfeit items,” he confirms after a report by Het Financieele Dagblad.

Counterfeit products are illegal and business owners lose a lot of income from trading. The online market for illegal counterfeit products is growing rapidly, the products are often bought in Chinese web shops.

In response, Bol.com insists that it carefully combats the removal of illegal products. After a report, the reporter is first asked to contact the supplier of the counterfeit items himself. “If we immediately switch the offer offline based on a report, this can mean that the offer is wrongly switched offline,” explains a spokeswoman for bol.com. The entire process of removing counterfeit items would take an average of six days, but the maximum duration at bol.com is fifteen days, according to the spokeswoman.