October 28, 2020


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Boa taken to hospital after beating on IJmuiden beach

Boa taken to hospital after beating on IJmuiden beach

Photo: ANP

On Thursday afternoon, a special investigator, boa, was taken to hospital with facial injuries after being abused in IJmuiden. This happened on the Kwelderpad, a path that leads to the beach. Two suspects have since been arrested, police said.

NH News spoke to anyone who saw the incident. the boa in question would have told the young people not to jump off a pier. One of the teenagers did not have an identity card with him on which the Boa wanted to arrest the person in question, nh News writes. This would have led to the abuse.

On Thursday night’s broadcast by Hart van Nederland, Ruud Kuin, president of the Dutch BOA Bond, said he was angry. ‘Really outrageous, really shocking. I’m blazing.’ “I didn’t talk to the boas myself,” says Kuin in Hart van Nederland. He knew they were very impressed and upset, the program reports. “They are in the process of having a conversation with the mayor. Something needs to be done quickly.”

Only on Thursday special investigators (boas) started the project in Rotterdam. They will not write receipts for the next three days in protest. Because of the increasing aggression, they want a baton and pepper spray, but the municipality of Rotterdam does not respond to this demand of the trade unions. In the triangle, consisting of the mayor, the police and the judiciary, it was agreed that the Rotterdam executors will have access to the police radio network. According to Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, this means that the police can be faster in escalating situations.

Working groups of law enforcement officers and police officers will also be set up to see how work can be carried out more safely. “It doesn’t warm boas,” Kuin previously told the ANP. Unions are considering whether to extend the action this weekend.