January 16, 2021


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BMW on Nedcar: Downhill has nothing to do with quality

BMW on Nedcar: Downhill has nothing to do with quality

Photo: ANP

The car manufacturer BMW prefers to have the successor to the current Mini Countryman manufactured in-house than at VDL Nedcar from Limburg. According to the German company, this decision was mainly triggered by the corona pandemic and has nothing to do with the quality at Nedcar.

“On the contrary, numerous awards attest to the high quality and professionalism of the VDL Nedcar,” says a statement from BMW Nederland. However, when the choice had to be made for assembly by an external manufacturer – Nedcar – or our own production network, the latter was preferred.

“Securing the jobs of our own employees is of the utmost importance,” says BMW. According to the company, the decision was made after an intensive assessment and taking very complex circumstances into account.

For the time being, BMW continues to rely on a “professional, cooperative and stable collaboration” with Nedcar. The current contracts with the Born plant for the production of BMW and Mini models will continue for several years. The fact that BMW made this decision at an early stage should, in the opinion of the Germans, give Nedcar the opportunity to adjust its own long-term planning accordingly.

Unions and economics minister Eric Wiebes were previously disappointed with the news that BMW will stop producing cars in the Netherlands after 2023. Because of this choice, almost 5,000 jobs at Nedcar are at risk.