January 21, 2021


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Bitcoin destroys the $ 34,000 barrier

Bitcoin destroys the $ 34,000 barrier

The value of Bitcoin, the main digital currency, rose to over $ 34,000 on Sunday. In December alone, the virtual currency rose by almost 50 percent.

The cryptocurrency surged 7.8 percent to $ 34,182.75 on Sunday before falling below $ 34,000 again. In December, Bitcoin broke the USD 20,000 mark for the first time. For the currency, which is characterized by significant fluctuations, it happens very quickly. During the corona crisis, Bitcoin was hit by 25 percent before skyrocketing again. Bitcoin is being used more and more in the portfolios of institutional investors, whereas in the past it was often only bought by speculators and technology enthusiasts. Other investors remain cautious given the significant volatility that virtual currency is subject to.