October 26, 2020


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Biden presents Harris: We are ready to build this country abroad

Biden presents Harris: We are ready to build this country abroad

After months of searching, Biden chose Senator Harris. The politician (55) is the first black woman to be named vice president of a major party in the USA. “She is ready to do this job on day one. We are both ready to begin rebuilding this country. And do it better, ”said Biden, who was himself Vice President under Barack Obama.

The Democrat predicted Harris’s election could inspire “young brown and black girls” whom he says could see themselves for the first time as future president or vice president. He called it predictable that Trump would criticize his vice presidential candidate. Among other things, the President named Harris “after”.

“Does it surprise anyone that Trump has a problem with a strong woman or women in general?” Biden said, joking that “whining” is a Trump specialty. “He’s better at it than any other president in American history.”

Harris also hit Trump. She accused the president of ruining the worst health crisis in a century. “His mismanagement of the pandemic has resulted in us now going through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression,” said the senator, who, like Biden, wore a face mask when she took the stage in Wilmington, Delaware.

According to Harris, the country is longing for leadership. “But we have a president who cares more about himself than his voters,” she scoffed. The good news, Harris says, is that voters will have the chance to send Trump home in 83 days.

Harris ran against Biden in the Democratic primary election earlier this year to select the party’s official presidential candidate. As his running mate, she is also considered a possible successor as president. Insiders told news site Politico last year that given his age, it is almost unthinkable that Biden will stand for re-election if he wins.