January 16, 2021


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Biden: It’s good that Trump is not coming to the inauguration abroad

Biden: It's good that Trump is not coming to the inauguration abroad

The incoming president said he trusts the security forces to conduct the ceremony safely.

Trump announced on Twitter that he would not attend the ceremony, as many have already expected. His Vice President Mike Pence will be there.

“For everyone who asked, I will not attend the inauguration on January 20,” said Trump. According to Reuters news agency sources in the White House, he could leave Washington a day early.


Trump more or less admitted losing the election last night. “After Congress ratifies the result, a new government will take office on January 20th, and it is important that it remains peaceful and smooth,” the outgoing president said in a video.

Meanwhile, the Democrats want Vice President Pence and Trump’s ministers to exonerate the president of the office by activating the 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. According to some of his advisors, Pence sees no point in this. In that case, Democrats want Congress to launch impeachment proceedings that can be voted on next week.

It is customary for outgoing presidents to attend their successor’s dedication ceremony. However, Richard Nixon, who resigned over the Watergate scandal, was not in 1974 when his vice president and successor Gerald Ford was sworn in as president. Woodrow Wilson ordered Warren G. Harding’s inauguration in 1921 for health reasons.

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