August 4, 2021


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Benefits agency: Obligation to apply for unemployment benefit, sometimes unscrupulous

Photo: ANP

It is unfortunate that the benefit organization UWV has to force people to keep applying for a job if they get a paid job again after receiving unemployment benefits. This happens when someone finds a job that pays less than their old job. The UWV can hardly make exceptions due to the strict regulations, says Cor Burgmeyer, Director for Customers and Service at the performance agency.

Burgmeyer was heard by a special parliamentary committee on problems with executive organizations such as the UWV, the tax authorities and the CBR. Laws and regulations emanating from the cabinet and the House of Representatives sometimes ensure that the UWV cannot prevent such problems, Burgmeyer says.

“I can give a good example of this,” he told the committee. Someone in a well-paying job who unexpectedly needs to apply for Unemployment Benefit (WW) must also meet certain conditions. Looking for a job, for example. But if someone found such a job, but earned much less than before, that person can receive additional benefits. But then he or she has to keep applying.

This also applies, for example, to someone in their sixties for whom “the prospect of finding a job in the sector in which they worked is not great”. Then the law stipulates that it must still apply. “Then we cannot say: you can stop. We may want to, based on our expertise and our assessment of the personal situation. “

Such signals are passed on to the ministry, says Burgmeyer. In general, there is little room for specific solutions for individual cases at UWV, he says. The body is often stuck in strict laws. In exceptional cases, new rules are found more quickly than the UWV is given the freedom to make adjustments itself.

Michel Rovers, director of the agency’s strategy, policy and knowledge center, sees this too. He advocates deviating from the rules in some cases in order to be “built into the law”.