January 15, 2021


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Beneficiaries all receive 30,000 euros

Beneficiaries all receive 30,000 euros

So far the cabinet has mainly focused on a careful process and adjustment of all victims. But that takes far too long, is the general criticism. By now opting for a non-deductible advance, the government is distancing itself from this earlier strategy.

Enough compensation for half of those involved

The State Secretary assumes that the amount of 30,000 euros will be sufficient for around half of the parents concerned. There are now around 9,000 victims in the picture, the real number is likely much higher. “This regulation also applies to parents we don’t know yet.”

Van Huffelen is satisfied with the decision that the cabinet has now made. She would also like to make a gesture to the children affected by the problem. It is exploring how they can get a “boost” for a bright future. In addition, the cabinet will consult local authorities to help the victims, for example in finding a new job.

Debt counseling

A sizeable group of parents have found themselves in serious financial trouble as a result of the affair that they find themselves in debt counseling. Van Huffelen said she hoped to avoid the 30,000 euros going straight to creditors in her case. “Maybe that means some of the debt needs to be paid off. But the parents must have enough left over to continue.”

The ministers most involved met for the first time in the Catshuis to formulate a response to the report of the parliamentary interrogation committee.

He concluded last week that an unprecedented injustice had been done to parents by the tax authorities’ runaway fraud.