October 31, 2020


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Belgian employees of the camaeu fashion chain go on strike on Monday

Belgian employees of the camaeu fashion chain go on strike on Monday

Employees of the Belgian stores of the camaeu fashion chain will leave their jobs on Monday. This was announced by the Christian union CNE on Friday. In Belgium, concern is growing after Camaeu France received protection from creditors at the end of May. The union also denounces “the French government’s silence.”

The French government began searching for a buyer for the fashion chain in May. Potential buyers had to submit a proposal on the future of the company to the Commercial Court at the end of June. “We have heard that seven purchasers have submitted a proposal. Only two proposals will take over a large part of the business in France,” says Jalil Bourhidane of CNE.

“It is still understandable that the external acquirers are not yet communicating through the international branches, but the fact that our current management does not mention us in any way is simply shocking,” he added.

Only yesterday,Wednesday/day, workers were informed that a judicial reorganisation procedure was being initiated in Belgium. “This communication is absolutely not clear: in what timeframe? When is the file submitted? Is a proposal being drawn up for the Belgian department in France? At the moment we still lack a lot of information! “, says the trade unionist.

Staff in Belgium will therefore resign on Monday. She will move to Camaeu’s Belgian headquarters on Nieuwstraat in Brussels at 9.30am.